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Thread: Arbitrary Miltiplier: It either is or isn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoachShad View Post
    Grabs Gas Can and Tosses it in fire!

    For God's sake. The fact remains you either have the multiplier or you don't! There is no "Special Dispensation" allowed. If it is "arbitrary" as I suggest, I'm waiting for Mount Olive, Bunker Hill or some other Public School who has struggled mightily to be competitive, to be given the same dispensation to play a Title game! No Sour Grapes, whatsoever. The "Multiplier" either is or isnt! It really is that simple! Get a 30 mile radius, Multiplier! Eliminate 30 Mile Radius, all things being equal. At least we ALL know at the beginning of the season!
    But have you actually ever been to Chicago?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 25sparky View Post
    Morris was only in the NCIC for 2 years before the shift to the NIB12...don't forget the Kewanee Boilermakers. Streator Bulldogs, Mendota Trojans, and the Princeton Tigers...I'm quite sure IHSAC spoke to persons in the know at all of these high schools.
    He may have, who knows. If he's as good as he says he is, his connections may be a lot. I don't think you need to be an official to have a lot of connections though.

    And yes, Kewanee, Streator, Lasalle Peru and others were all part of the NCIC, and it was a very good conference.

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    I grew up there! How does that make a difference in what I suggest? Same difference, more kids in that 30 mile radius. Oh wait, more competition between parochial schools in those 30 mile radii.

    I am not against the Parochial Schools. St Viator, Driscol, St Rita, St Lawrence, Joliet Catholic, Immaculate Conception, were ALL within a proverbial stones throw of my Alma Mater. Oops for got Montini! Yet there are more than I mention.

    It IS or IT isnt~
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