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Thread: 2017 IHSS Membership Changes

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    I pay money for magazines, newspapers, and books that I like to read. I'm willing to pay for a website that I like to read as well.
    I love the sports!

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    I can post as much as I want on IHSS for less than $.05 a day. Doesnt seem to steep a price to keep all the trolls and their 5 User names off the forums.

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    I appreciated everyone's feedback. One item that several paid members have emailed me about is the Google Ads appearing even though they are paid members. Effective immediately, Google Ads will NOT appear if you are a paid member of IHSS.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TMAY View Post

    Thanks for the feedback. We have had situations in the past, where someone would come home from a game and be upset at a ref, coach, parent, etc, and get on the forum and start bashing them. When the forum is free, it's easy for that person to vent.

    If there is a small fee involved, the chances of that person signing up for an account, paying and then posting a bashing post is unlikely.

    I'll be the first person to admit that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...) has hurt IHSS as well as many other forums. As you mentioned, there are many sources (including free ones) to get high school sports information.

    Is $18.00 to much for a fee? Maybe. Would more people signup if it was $12.00? IHSS isn't free to run. We have it hosted with a highly regarded hosting company and have had no downtime since we switched. When we were with our old hosting company, we would have some sort of outages on most busy Friday and Saturday nights. If your not comfortable with PayPal, you can always pay via check or Money Order

    As I mentioned in a previous post, the IHSS Scholarship Program is something that we are very proud of at IHSS. Hopefully, we will continue to award scholarships each year to graduating seniors.

    I'm always open to new ideas to implement on IHSS. However, new ideas sometime take time to implement. Since IHSS isn't my full-time job, I will do my best to get them implemented.

    Thanks again,

    I came home from games and bashed officials. That's just part of the game. I have seen coaches do it during a game, in newspaper quotes after the game, etc. I get that in forum of this type it is easier to go overboard.

    Most online newspapers have comments sections for articles that are published. Early on those comments were pretty much anonymous and you did have some stuff that didn't belong. Now most use some type of free registration to still allow you to post but you either have your name in your public profile or you have to login with your Facebook account.

    I understand there are some year round posters on this site who get involved with all the active sports. In my case, even 5-10 years ago when I was very active, I only watch this site for a couple sports. Those are small school basketball and occasionally the softball pages, but they have never been very active. Right now there are a handful of posters on the small school boys page and 1 or 2 on the small school girls page. While I feel like I could offer a fair amount of information on teams in SW IL, I don't feel like I should have to pay a fee to provide the information that others get to read for free.

    Controversial discussion sells. Doesn't matter if it's Fox News, CNN Sports Illustrated or your local paper. I understand the desire to keep it under control. I have had some heated discussion with FanTim, MetroEast, Brohammis, TrojanMan99 and others. It doesn't mean I hate them, it means we disagreed at some point and that it was makes discussion boards and forums interesting.

    If it is about the $18 then say that is what it's about. If it's about providing scholarships then say that. I just don't buy the theory that the $18 makes the site somehow better or more informative, it just makes it boring and maybe that's the goal. I'd gladly pay the $18 for the discussion and topics from the good ol' days.

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