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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com 

We have recently changed our membership plans, so please review all the information below.

IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com Membership Plans

Basic Membership – Cost: free  This is our basic membership level.  You will have full (read and posting) access to all the High School Sports forums.

Plus Membership –  Cost: $18.00 / year  Our Plus Membership gives you full access (read and posting) access to all the High School Sports forum as well as the Plus Member Forums.  This membership also includes extra features including (Private Messaging, Signatures, Avatars, Attachments, participation in IHSS sponsored contests, ability to nominate IHSS Scholarship Applicants, etc…)

IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com – Basic Membership

If you have previously registered for an account on IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com, your account is considered a Basic Membership.  You will have access (posting and reading) for all the High School Sports related forums.  You will NOT have access to the IHSS Plus Forums as well as the following features: (Private Messaging, Signatures, Avatars, ability to participate in IHSS contests, ability to nominate IHSS Scholarship candiates, etc..)

Update 12/18/2015 – Please note that we are in the process of updating many of the older accounts to the Basic Membership Plan.  If your account account doesn’t have posting access, – please send an email to webmaster@illinoishighschoolsports.com and we will review your account.

If this is your first time to IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com please see the directions below in creating your free IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com Account

Creating your free IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com Account

Step 1 –  The first step in becoming a member is to register a unique screen name and password on the IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com forums.      (Be sure to use a valid email address, because the system will send you an email that you will need to confirm as part of your registration).

Click this link -> Register IHSS Screen Name

If you have previously y registered a screen name in the past but can’t remember it, please use our Username / Password Recovery Application to locate your username.

Step 2 –  Check your email for a confirmation email.  Go ahead and following the directions in the email to confirm your email.   If you do not receive a confirmation email after 10 minutes – please send an email to webmaster@illinoishighschoolsports.com

Step 3 – Once you have confirmed your email, the administrators will need to manual approve your account.  We are implementing this step to avoid any Spam Bots from registering on the forum.

IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com – Plus Membership

The Plus Membership gives you full access to all the forums including the IHSS Plus forums.  You also receive access to the following features (Private Messaging, Signatures, Avatars, ability to participate in IHSS contests, ability to nominate IHSS Scholarship candiates, etc..)

If you would like to upgrade your IHSS account to a Plus Membership, please follow the directions below.

Step 1 – Login to the IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com forum.   Login here ->  IHSS Forum Login

Step 2 – Select the User CP link from the toolbar.

Step 3 – On the User Control Plan options, Under ‘Miscellaneous’, click the Paid Subscriptions link.

Step 4 – There are several Plus Membership options available.   The first option is just a single payment for 1 year of access.  The second option is a recurring payment each year for membership.  The final option is the Academic Membership which allows you to put extra monies towards the IHSS Scholarship Fund.

Note:  If you currently have an user account and don’t see the Paid Subscription link under the User Control Panel, your account may already have active from the previous membership plans.  Once your account expires, you will have access to the Paid Subscription link.  The other situation maybe that we haven’t moved your account to the Basic Membership plan yet.  Please send an email to webmaster@illinoishighschoolsports.com  if you have any questions.