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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com forums.

As of Jan 1st, 2017 – the membership policy on the IHSS forums has changed.  All the forums will be free to post and read except for the current sport(s) in season.  You will need to be a paid member of IHSS to post in the current sport(s) forum that is in season.

Season / Sport Breakdown

Fall Season – Football, Volleyball
Winter Season – Boys & Girls Basketball
Spring Season – Boys & Girls Softball
Summer Break – The IHSS forums will be open for all users to read and post.

Benefits of IHSS Membership

  • Full access to all IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com forums
  • Ad Free Forums – The advertising on the forum is hidden
  • Nominate an IHSS Scholarship Applicant
  • Add signatures to your posts and other profile customizations like avatars

Reasons for IHSS Membership

  • Offsets the cost of running the website and forum.
  • Funds the IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com Scholarship Program. Without paid memberships, we would not be able to offer scholarships.  Since we started the program we have awarded over $50,000 to graduating seniors across the state.
  • Helps prevent spamming and trolls on the forum (Not 100% effective, but helps).

Cost of IHSS Membership

  • $18.00 per year (only $1.50 per month)
  • We offer single yearly memberships as well as recurring memberships. An academic membership is available for users who want to contribute more than the $18.00 per year.  This additional money goes towards the scholarship program.

Sign Up / Renew Account

  1. If you currently have an IHSS forum username, please continue to step 2.  If you need a new username, click the following link to register for a new user.
  2. To pay for a new membership or renew via PayPal or a Credit / Debit card click the following link, and select the option you would like to sign up for.

For users wanting to pay via check or money order, please send the payment to the following address.

Tim May / IHSS
PO Box 9180
Naperville, IL

Lost Password

If you have lost your password to your account, visit the following website to reset it

Send an email to webmaster@illinoishighschoolsports.com