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  1. 2nd 2A | #5 Nashville (9-1) at #4 Bismarck (Henning-Rossville-Alvin) (9-1)

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    This game will also feature the two best heads of hair in the 2A bracket squaring off #50 Rhyker Rees DE/OT for the Hornets vs #44 Eric Watson OLB/TE for the Blue Devils

    This should be a great game.
    Bismarck 56 to 0 welcome to the north Nashville
  2. Projections

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    That is also how I see it (and I think Marist could win).

    That would leave Havana as the last team IN.
    Good Call. Marist wins 14-6
    I project we play Mendon Unity round 1 and oakwood goes south
  3. 2019 Chicago Bears : Taking the next step

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    This is not a playoff team.
    Time to trade Mack for a Kings ransom because by the time they fix the offensive line an qb situations their window will have done passed
  4. Litchfield girls thanksgiving tournament

    [QUOTE=Bball333;1974535]Anyone have schedule for tournament .Thanks[/QUOTE]
  5. interesting chance for a sports doubleheader saturday

    The NCAA cross country championships will be hosted by University of Wisconsin at 10:45 (women) and 11:45 (men) on Saturday. It's only an hour drive to Lena from Verona, WI, site of course. Plenty of time to get back for 2 pm kickoff.
    I'm down for it.[/QUOTE]

    Sounds like fun watching people run![/QUOTE]

    Ironically last Saturday I went to (QC airport 1st) Orion, Sterling on Saturday and then Sunday morning ...
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