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  1. Trump

    [QUOTE=Orange&Black;2037017][QUOTE=79ace;2037016]Just more BS Trump lies that you are going to buy hook, line and sinker.

    And more BS that is going to fly around the conspiracy theorist right wing lunatics and inspire more attacks on US democracy.[/QUOTE]

    Seems that you are wrong here also. So who is spreading the BS now? Hint... you!

    [URL=""][U][COLOR="#FF0000"]AZ ...
  2. 2019-2020 South Seven

    [QUOTE=Squidward;2022424]Jackson Conner now 33 shy of 2,000 and nine shy of tying Greg Starrick for the school record at Marion.[/QUOTE]
    I think its less than 33 pts ????
  3. New 8 Man teams for 2020

    STM is not going 8 man - we are window shopping for conferences though
  4. 2nd 2A | #5 Nashville (9-1) at #4 Bismarck (Henning-Rossville-Alvin) (9-1)

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    This game will also feature the two best heads of hair in the 2A bracket squaring off #50 Rhyker Rees DE/OT for the Hornets vs #44 Eric Watson OLB/TE for the Blue Devils

    This should be a great game.
    Bismarck 56 to 0 welcome to the north Nashville
  5. Projections

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    That is also how I see it (and I think Marist could win).

    That would leave Havana as the last team IN.
    Good Call. Marist wins 14-6
    I project we play Mendon Unity round 1 and oakwood goes south
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