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  1. Litchfield girls thanksgiving tournament

    [QUOTE=Bball333;1974535]Anyone have schedule for tournament .Thanks[/QUOTE]
  2. interesting chance for a sports doubleheader saturday

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    The NCAA cross country championships will be hosted by University of Wisconsin at 10:45 (women) and 11:45 (men) on Saturday. It's only an hour drive to Lena from Verona, WI, site of course. Plenty of time to get back for 2 pm kickoff.
    I'm down for it.
    Sounds like fun watching people run!
    Ironically last Saturday I went to (QC airport 1st) Orion, Sterling on Saturday and then Sunday morning left for NXR Nike Midwest (running) in Terre Haute.
  3. Soucies District Outlook

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    I dont really mind where Morrison is at but this one sure strikes me as being kind of silly...

    2A District 1
    River Grove (Guerin)
    Rockford Christian

    Amboy and Pec would lose all semblance of "small town" football.

    Not in favor of my new district
  4. 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament

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    A lot of phantom fouls down the stretch in this Michigan game.
    A PG who can't create own shot, a big man who got no touches down low, and a loss to a man bun.
  5. 2A Championship - Gibson City (GCMS) (13-0) vs. Maroa (Forsyth) (12-1)

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    Trivia and Dcaudle can't answer. MFs Riley Fitzpatrick was the first girl to score in 2a since????
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    Last year when she scored?.
    I knew yesterday when the announcers were talking about Fitzpatrick being the first female to score a point with her PAT that she had done it last year too.

    Also know that one other girl did it, I believe within the last 10 years, but canít remember her name or school.
    Olivia Vatch from Immaculate Conception in ...
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