4A Quarterfinals | #5 Rochester 48 at #1 Belleville (Althoff Catholic) 47 | F

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[QUOTE=finalword;1873595]There was more than 1 instance, and more security was needed, heck the coach of the "home team" moved from that sideline a couple of years back because he didn't want his team subjected to the b.s.
Time for the IHSA to look at where games are held and the surroundings that they subject the participants to, it was 1 incident from getting real ugly.
In 40 years I have never been to a sporting event that had so much pent up anger from the spectators. Throwing whatever at the coach, standing in front of the crowd taunting them while flipping them off, and just the bad comments and slurs being thrown out, this was by adult spectators at a HIGH SCHOOL football game. What do these people do when things don't go right in their daily lives, but then again that is a different subject altogether.[/QUOTE]
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