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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of

There are 2 steps that need to be completed in order to become a member of IHSS.

Step 1
You must register a unique screen name for the forum. If you have already registered a name in the past, please go to step 2. If you have forgotten your name, go ahead and reregister a new name.

Click this link -> Register IHSS Account Name

Step 2
Complete the PayPal form below to pay for your Annual Membership. Be sure to fill in your IHSS Account Name that you created in Step 1. This will allow us to quickly activate your account.

Membership Renewal
If your account has expired and you just need to renew for another year, please go ahead and fill out the PayPal form below. Be sure to indicate your IHSS Screen Name.

Note: Be be aware that the IHSS Membership Activations are currently done manually and your account will be activated within 24 hours.

PayPal Payment Form

Membership Levels
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Summary of Membership Levels

Bronze – Posting Privileges Only (No Merchandise)
Silver – Posting Privileges plus IHSS T-shirt
Gold – Posting Privileges plus IHSS Polo Shirt

Some members elect not to receive any merchandise and request that the extra money go towards the Scholarship Fund. Please select ‘Academic‘ on the Sizes option. (Only applies to Silver and Gold Levels).

Payment by Check or Money Order

If you do not have a PayPal account or would rather pay by check or money order, please send the payment to Tim May (IHSS) at the following address:

Tim May
PO Box 9180
Naperville, IL